Useful Information about the Cottage Facilities

Click here to DOWNLOAD a PDF of the information below - if you wish to take a copy with you.

Wifi Code

The code for the wifi can be found on the windowsill, in The Lounge.

Television / Sky

Using the Panasonic remote, tune to HDI3 via 'AV' (top right-hand button). Then use the Sky remote to select channels.

Log Burning Stove

1. In The Lounge you will find a multifuel stove, however we think it works best with wood.

2. To lay the fire create a loose pyramid, with larger logs on the bottom and smaller twigs (and/or fire lighters on top). Ignite and enjoy.

3. To increase the fire’s air supply, turn the round cream dial out. Once the fire has been stoked – turn the dial gently back in allowing the heat to intensify.

4. The silver knob to the left will release ash in to the tray below, if pulled back and forth. This should be done every few hours once the fire has been lit.

5. Once the embers have extinguished, please empty the cool ash from the ashtray and into a bag. Please dispose of the bag in to the outside bin.

Rubbish Bin

If the bin is looking full, could you please put out the bin on Monday nights for Tuesday collection.

Bathroom Gadgets

Under floor heating

The isolator switch is below the light switch to the bathroom – near the skirting. This will need switching on.

The heat is controlled by the thermostat, above this switch.

The Boiler

Hidden away in the cabinet!

There are 4 circular dials. The mode dial should be pointing to radiator/water to bring on the heating.

Below these dials, lower the cover to expose the timer.

Pushing the ‘teeth’ outwards indicates which times you would like the heating to be working.

By moving the white switch inside the teeth to the BOTTOM leaves the heating permanently on. MIDDLE – heating on time. TOP – heating off.


Place tablet in the rectangle compartment and close-hinged lid.
Set to programme 4 (normal soiled wash).
This is a 1 hour programme. If the 'S' button is lit, please refill the salt dispenser (found at base of dishwasher on the left hand side – has a screw lid) with dishwasher salt.

Washing Machine

Press the key button to open the door.
Load washing and washing tablet into the drum.
For a routine mixed non delicate wash turn dial to 40 in the cloud symbol range.


To set clock, press clock button once and turn dial knob (large lower dial) to adjust hours; press clock button again and turn dial knob for minutes.
To heat/cook food press power button, then large lower dial knob for time. Press start.
By pressing easy cook once it automatically programmes 30 seconds of maximum heat time.
By pressing this button repeatedly the time is increased by a multiple of 30 seconds up to 5 minutes.

The Hob

Ensure the red switch to the left of the splash back is pressed down.
Turn the appropriate gas knob and the ring should ignite.

The Oven

Ensure a time is displayed on the clock as 0.00 (flashing) will not allow the oven to work.
To set time hold the first two buttons down and adjust the +/- key for the clock time.
The right-hand knob adjusts function from OFF/LAMP ONLY/FAN NO HEAT/OVEN/GRILL/GRILL FOR LARGER FOODS.

Extractor Fan

The first button activates the fan, second illuminates area, third switches fan off and remaining buttons increase speed of the fan extraction facility.

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